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I'm published with, so far, 2 short stories. I've compled 1st draft of a fantasy novel and dam drafting a P.I./horror novel. I'm single & love it.

Thursday, March 03, 2005


Hey d,

National novel editing month happens this month.

I've joined. Hope to get a writing buddy.

Will let you know what happens as this month goes by.


Monday, November 15, 2004

Week 3

Dear d,

Today is Monday.

I wrote 840 words for my nano. Now the total is well over 6,000. Whew!

Will do my best to write more. Oh, it's actually just after 2 am.


Week 2

Dear d,

This week went by much too fast for this slow writer.

Didn't get much writing for my nano novel. Wrote close to a 1,000 words all week.

Had to deal with VA again. Couldn't focus on writing anything. Sigh.


Monday, November 08, 2004

Week 1

Dear d,.

So far this is what i've accomplished from the list of scenes I posted earlier.

Jessica has a fight with her boyfriend Chad. She winds up stabbing him.

Jessica visits her mother. She doesn't want to live in her place until after outcome Cahd's trial. Seh gets a call from her agent about a book signing in San Francsico. She will goe. She needs the trip. (to be continued)

Saturday, November 06, 2004

Chapter headings

Dear d,

Instead of dividing scenes into chapters I'll just number each scene with a numerical number.
I'll worry about the division after novel is completed.


Deadly Obsession - scene list

Dear d,

The lists of scenes below may or may not be used in this manuscript.



story ideas

Protagonist – Jessica, 24, is a novelist who can write her characters in and out of bad situations better than she can her own situations.

Antagonist – Chad Renfroe – 25, a guy she has just broken up with for being verbally as well as physically abusive to her. He’s basically a nice guy until he uses crack cocaine.

Love interest – Rick Collins, 25, Jessica’s favorite author and a former private investigator who now owns and manages a small hotel.

Confidant – Connie Walker, 23, a woman who Jessica use to hang out with in high school, but hasn’t seen for several years until Jessica goes to Portland for a book signing.

Jessica is more successful in getting her novels published than being involved in a love relationship. After being in a bad relationship with her current boyfriend, Chad Renfroe because of his being verbally as well as physically abusive she breaks up with him. She had known him to be a gentleman, but soon after they became lovers he changed. When she finds crack cocaine in his coat pocket she suspects that’s the reason for his, what she calls, his Dr. Jekall and Mr. Hyde personality. She invites a few of her friends over to do an intervention with Chad. That doesn’t set well with Chad. He gets mad. Jessica breaks up with him and kicks him out of her apartment as well as her life.

A few days later Chad returns. He’s come back for his stash of cocaine. He and Jessica have an argument. They wind up having a fight. She manages to stab with him with a dirty kitchen knife. After that fight she calls 911.

Chad has to spend time in a hospital to recover from his wound. Then there is a court date. He is sentenced to thirty days in jail and is served a restraining order.

Jessica spends time with her mother to try to recover from that experience. Her agent calls her cell phone to let her know about a book signing that he’s scheduled for her I Portland. He wonders if she’s up to it. Not really but that hopefully will be what she needs to further her recovery.

Jessica goes to San Francisco. Her AUNT PEGGY and UNCLE JOSH let her stay with them. She knew that Peggy was pregnant and was close to giving birth but didn’t know how close. Jessica baby sits their nine-year-old daughter, HARLEY, a tomboy while Peggy is rushed to the hospital to have the baby.

While shopping at the San Francisco mall on Market Street shopping Jessica meets CONNIE WALKER. They haven’t seen each other since high school. Connie’s parents were transferred to Portland after their graduation. Connie went along with them. Jessica can’t believe that Connie is pregnant and not married. Neither can Connie. Connie can’t believe that she knows a famous writer. Jessica tells her that she’s in town for a book signing and invites Connie.

Jessica learns that Connie is a real estate agent. She mentions to her friend that she’s thinking about staying in Portland. She feels that she needs a change o pace. Connie will help her find an apartment. When Jessica mentions that she’d like to get involved with a bunch of writers Connie suggest for her to contact a writers workshop. Connie gives her the name of a local workshop. She knows the workshop has an Internet site but doesn’t know the URL. Jessica will do a search on the Internet for the group.

Jessica uses her laptop to do the search for the writer’s workshop and finds it. She leaves a message on the groups message board. Then she looks at the notes in her notebook on the story idea she’s been writing, but hasn’t touched since her break up with Chad. Before she can start writing the next scene she’s interrupted when she gets a weird message from Chad. He writes ‘I know where you are.’ That scares Jessica. She decides not to do any writing.

Jessica calls the SFPD about Chad. He’s still incarcerated. She wonders how Chad left an email message to her and is told he had access to an SFPD computer.

Connie has found an apartment for Jessica. With it being unfurnished she shops around for furniture, With her Uncle Josh being an electrician and working for an alarm company she has him to install an alarm system in her apartment. She then becomes owner of a very large Rottwiler. She also buys herself a .357 Magnum and goes to a firing range. When Chad gets out of jail he is sure to be determined to find her. She will be prepared.

Jessica gets a message from a guy named RICK who doesn’t leave his last name. He leaves her the name of a woman who is in charge of a critique workshop in Beaverton, a neighboring town, along with the woman’s phone number. Jessica sends Rick a thank you and then calls Angela Becker who tells Jessica about a meeting taking place the next evening and gives her the directions.

Jessica has dinner with her aunt and uncle. She lets them know about the email she got from Chad. They know about Chad and what he looks like. Josh will keep an eye out for the idiot.

The next evening Jessica is ready to go to the workshop, but her car isn’t. She calls Angela who tells her about the MAX train and the directions to get to the Beaverton Bus mall. Angel offers to pick her up at the mall and take her to the meeting. Fortunately, Jessica found out about her car problems well over an hour before the time of the meeting. And if the timing is right neither she nor Angela will be late.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Deadly Obsession - idea

Dear d,

Jessica Parker Wainright, 24, a novelist, can write her characters in and out of bad situations better than she can her own.

After a bad string of bad relationships Jessica thinks about taking a long haitus on him. Her laes fiasco with Chad Renfro was a fiasco. After a bad breakup with Chad she follows thru on that decision.

Jessica gets a phone call from her agent about a book signing in San Francisco. She isn't up to it but thinks it might help her recoop from the bad Chad doozy.

In San Francsico she is able to stay with her Aunt Peggy & Uncle Josh who have a tomboy daughter, Harley. Plus they have another kid due to pop out any day.

After the book signing Jessica decides to stay in SanFrancisco a bit longer. Maybe that is what she needs.

At the book signing she meets Molly Walker, an old friend from highschool. Connie and her parents moved from Los Angeles to San Francsico right after Connie graduated. Now she's a real estate agent, single and pregnant. When Jessica mentions that she is in the market for an apartment Molly helps her find one.

Needing to be with other writers Jessica contacts an writers workshop on the Internet She soon receives a message about a critique workshop. The message came from a guy named Rick. he didn't bother to leave his last name. He gives her the name of the woman in charge of the workshop as well as her pnone number. Jessica calls Angela Warner, the workshops leader and she's invite to attend a metting.

When Jessica attends the meeting she is floored to learn that the man who left her that message is none other than Rick Collins, her favorite author. She's also pleased to learn that he's read all of her novels. At the end of the meeting Rick over hears her phone conversation with a cab company. He offers her a ride to her place She acceepts. Before Jessica leaves his car Rick lets her know that he wants to see her before the next meeting. She'd like that but is iffy. Yet she gives in to temptation and accepts the offer.

Jessica and Rick began to date on a steady basis.

Carla, Jessica's mother calls her from Los Angeles. She's frantic. Chad has been released from jail and is looking for her.

Jessica gets her Uncle Josh, who works for a security company to install security equipment in her apartment. She also applies for a gun and buys a Rotweiler(spelling)

(to be continued)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

DEADLY OBSESSION - my nano novel for 2004

Dear d,

This blog is for my nano novel for this year. I'll post a lot of stuff here like: character bios, maybe scene lists plus a brief story idea/synopsis and maybe even brief descriptions for each chapter.

Nano states that 175 pages = 50,000 words.

I'll see how much of those can pages can be drafted. Last time I was in nano I only reached over 10,000 words. This time my intention is to finish the damn thing :)

I'll enter you later.