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Monday, November 01, 2004

Deadly Obsession - idea

Dear d,

Jessica Parker Wainright, 24, a novelist, can write her characters in and out of bad situations better than she can her own.

After a bad string of bad relationships Jessica thinks about taking a long haitus on him. Her laes fiasco with Chad Renfro was a fiasco. After a bad breakup with Chad she follows thru on that decision.

Jessica gets a phone call from her agent about a book signing in San Francisco. She isn't up to it but thinks it might help her recoop from the bad Chad doozy.

In San Francsico she is able to stay with her Aunt Peggy & Uncle Josh who have a tomboy daughter, Harley. Plus they have another kid due to pop out any day.

After the book signing Jessica decides to stay in SanFrancisco a bit longer. Maybe that is what she needs.

At the book signing she meets Molly Walker, an old friend from highschool. Connie and her parents moved from Los Angeles to San Francsico right after Connie graduated. Now she's a real estate agent, single and pregnant. When Jessica mentions that she is in the market for an apartment Molly helps her find one.

Needing to be with other writers Jessica contacts an writers workshop on the Internet She soon receives a message about a critique workshop. The message came from a guy named Rick. he didn't bother to leave his last name. He gives her the name of the woman in charge of the workshop as well as her pnone number. Jessica calls Angela Warner, the workshops leader and she's invite to attend a metting.

When Jessica attends the meeting she is floored to learn that the man who left her that message is none other than Rick Collins, her favorite author. She's also pleased to learn that he's read all of her novels. At the end of the meeting Rick over hears her phone conversation with a cab company. He offers her a ride to her place She acceepts. Before Jessica leaves his car Rick lets her know that he wants to see her before the next meeting. She'd like that but is iffy. Yet she gives in to temptation and accepts the offer.

Jessica and Rick began to date on a steady basis.

Carla, Jessica's mother calls her from Los Angeles. She's frantic. Chad has been released from jail and is looking for her.

Jessica gets her Uncle Josh, who works for a security company to install security equipment in her apartment. She also applies for a gun and buys a Rotweiler(spelling)

(to be continued)


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